Dr Elsik

Dr Maros Elsik is a highly qualified and experienced interventional cardiac electrophysiologist and a clinical cardiologist. He graduated from UNSW with 1st class honours. He completed his cardiology training in Sydney, prior to gaining further specialist experience in heart failure management in Melbourne. He gained extensive experience in the management of cardiac arrhythmias, electrophysiology and cardiac device implantation in the UK.

He has established numerous patient services on Sydney’s North Shore including the SAN Syncope Clinic, as well as electrophysiology / cardiac ablation services at the Northern Beaches Hospital. He is the head of Cardiac Electrophysiology at the Sydney Adventist Hospital and at the Northern Beaches Hospital.

His clinical interest and expertise includes all aspects of cardiology with a particular emphasis on the evaluation and treatment of patients with cardiac arrhythmias, palpitations, abnormal heart rhythms, syncope, fainting and blackouts. He has significant experience in the treatment of patients with heart failure and also the management of chest pain, shortness of breath and other cardiac abnormalities.

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Areas of expertise

He performs electrophysiological testing and ablation of all types of arrhythmias including:

  • atrial fibrillation (AF), atrial flutter, atrial tachycardia
  • SVT and Wolff Parkinson White syndrome
  • ventricular tachycardia, ventricular ectopic beats
  • many with the use of 3D cardiac mapping systems

He has implanted a large number of cardiac devices including:

  • loop recorders
  • pacemakers
  • defibrillators
  • biventricular pacemakers/defibrillators
  • as well as subcutaneous (leadless) ICDs

He manages and regularly reviews a large number of patients with pacemakers/defibrillators and provides home monitoring service for many patients. Dr Elsik also performs extraction of infected and malfunctioning, chronically implanted pacemaker and defibrillator leads. This is highly specialised skill, for which less than a handful of cardiologists hold accreditation in NSW.